LOMO LUBITEL-166B Russian Soviet USSR TLR Medium Format 6×6 Camera

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The Camera remains in Perfect Working Order and Looks Great! Every little thing work effectively: The shutter works as Swiss watch. The viewfinder is tidy and also clear, no dust inside, no fungus or haze. No any kind of problems on the body of electronic camera. The Lens: no fungi or haze. The diaphragm-control ring transforms smoothly as well as exact. The focusing is smooth. Film: 120 kind (60mm) Frame size: 6×6 centimeters Shutter rates: 1/15 to 1/250 and "B" Lens: T-22 4.5/ 75mm Focal length: 75mm Relative aperture: 1:4.5 Scale of diaphragms: from 4.5 to 22 Focusing range: from 1.3 m to infinity I deliver to any country. This item will certainly be shipped to you from Europe (Ukraine) The thing will arrive in 1-2-3 weeks to your area (it relies on your country). TERMS AND CONDITIONS I offer a 100% refund guarantee on all my sales. I always attempt to explain product as good as feasible, to check every little thing out for you could be satisfied with your purchase, but no one is best and also me too. If when you open your thing you locate you are not entirely happy, or you feel it was not as explained in the public auction summary, call me immediately and I will certainly refund all your expenses (when item is returned).